Enthusiasm and a base level of fitness are all that’s required to attempt these activities. All activities are performed under the guidance of our trained instructors. There is no experience or special training/certification required to enjoy these activities.

International standard Life Jackets are provided for all water based activities...you needn’t know swimming to go river rafting/kayaking/river crossing! The guides instruct you on what to do, before you start the activity.

For Overnight stays : Make sure you carry personal medicines, torch with batteries,, insect repellents and other essentials.

In General :

  • Carry change of clothes, wear loose fitting clothes( T-shirts,shorts,threeforths,tracks).
  • Your footwear during adventure activities should be sports shoes and for water based activity floaters.
  • Please carry personal water bottles (refillable at the campsite) for treks, mountain-side rappelling, nature walks, etc.
  • During monsoon : Umbrella and / or rain gear is recommended.
  • During summers : carry sun cap / sunglasses.
  • During winters : it is  advisable to carry a sweater, jacket, monkey.

Our instructors and trek-guides are trained to administer first-aid and hold certificates in first-aid and CPR. We carry well stocked first-aid boxes while taking part in the outdoor activities. For medical emergencies we transfer to the closest medical centre / hospital from the site.

We allot separate rooms/tents/dorms for the girl participants on prior intimation; the programs have lady instructors and coordinators to attend to them. Our field staff is recruited only after a thorough background and credentials check and they have years of experience looking after visitors across ages and genders.

The Adventures activities range from the beginner level to the intermediate level of toughness, and can be undertaken by anyone in a reasonable state of health and fitness.

Some activities are capable of being modified for different levels of fitness and interest, allowing you to choose accordingly. Any related queries can be discussed when choosing the activities at the time of booking, or with the experts on site.

The campsite caters to a wide range of client segments...families and leisure visitors, adventure enthusiasts, corporate groups for their OBT programmes and team building and conferencing sessions, and school excursions, social clubs, and special interest groups.

Customized programs can be created for your individual requirements and we’d be happy to advise you on how best to plan your experience on the campsite.

Yes, we offer outdoor adventure, wildlife and camping specialist and organize a variety of excursions for different interest groups, across India and internationally. Please visit www.holidayadventures.in for details